École Nationale des Arts du Cirque de Rosny-sous-bois

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Course goals

- To train circus artists

- To get a degree called Brevet Artistique des Techniques de Cirque (BATC, level 4).

The BATC is a level 4 state diploma, registered in the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP 23909). The summary of this certification and the skills repository are available here: https://www.francecompetences.fr/recherche/rncp/23909/

- Preparing for entrance examinations to higher artistic education in France and abroad.

In 2017, the Ministry of Culture and Communication authorized ENACR to prepare students for competitive exams for all higher education training.

Objectives of the first year:

- Acquiring the fundamentals of technique: trampoline, acrobatics, balance, physical preparation

- Acquiring artistic fundamentals: dance, singing, theatrical performance

- The informed choice of a circus discipline (all can be considered except for work with animals, magic and clowning)

- Gaining awareness of diversity of professional practices:  social circus, circus management, collective creation, individual creation

Objectives of the second year:

- To consolidate technique, in the discipline chosen in the first year

- To be aware of the singular articulation of the technical and the artistic

- Professional determination: the choice of further studies or a career, preparation for the competitive examinations of higher education institutions.

Detailed program and rules can be downloaded here.


Age :

The training is aimed at young people from 17 to 23 years old who wish to become circus artists and who have been practising circus for at least 2 years. Admission is by competitive examination.

18 students maximum per class


At the beginning of each of the 2 years of training:

- 200€ registration fee, payable before September 15

- 35€ annual membership fee, payable before September 15

- 245€ of pedagogical fees, which can be paid in installments.

At the beginning of the training, the trainee must pay the following fees:

- 10€ deposit for the secure access badge to the Big Top

- Purchase of a personal medical kit

Please note that you will have to pay for transportation to the shows.

Duration of the course :

September 2023 to mid-July 2024

The schedule is specified at the beginning of the year. The schedule is based on Paris school holidays. 

Competitive examination

The exam consists of two selection stages:

- the application file,

- the selection course.

Precise terms and conditions of the competition can be downloaded here.

All applications imply full acceptance of the present rules.

The terms and conditions of the competition can be adapted to the possible handicaps of the candidates. Please contact Alix Caron

Competition calendar

 -Online application form : 5 february 2024

-Submission of applications deadline : 4 March 2024 (questionnaire to be completed and videos to be sent)

-Announcement of successful candidates 29 April 2024

-Selection course at ENACR from 6 to 10 May 2024

-Announcement of successful candidates on the last day of the selection course

Please consult the "How to apply" document (in the right of this page) and then complete the following form : https://forms.gle/LP4kk2Bhr2pJbieTA

 You will also find a document containing all the questions asked in the form.

Importance figures

Class of 2020-2022

Class of 2020-2022 has 13 students.

12 students will get BATC degree in June 2022.

1 student left the training and went back to dance studies.

Results of the competitive exams for higher education (final results in June 2022)


Admissions au CNAC


Admissions à l'Académie Fratellini (+ 2 en pré-apprentissage)


Admission à ESAC (Belgique)


Admission à l'Ecole Nationale de Cirque de Montréal


Admission à ACAPA (Pays-Bas)


Admission à l'ESACTO-LIDO

Student Satisfaction Survey Survey of 30 students (from Class of 2020-2022)

1. Program compliance: 69% satisfaction

2. Organization and conduct of the program: 67% satisfaction

3. Group composition: 92% satisfaction

4. Pedagogical material and displays at disposal: 88% satisfaction

5. Coaches, artists and teachers: 79% satisfaction

6. Pedagogical support: 71% satisfaction

7. Personal progress during training: 75% satisfaction

8. Overall quality of training: 79% satisfaction

9. Response to initial expectations: 83% satisfaction

10. Achievement of pedagogical objectives: 71% satisfaction

11. Relevance of the program to the profession of circus artist: 75% satisfaction

12. Usefulness of the skills acquired during the programme to professional life: 83% satisfaction

Class of 2021-2023

109 applications were received. 18 admissions. They were between 17 and 20 when they began the programme.

18 ans

Average age


Holders of the baccalaureate






Non-French Citizen

Class of  2022-2024

102 applications were received. 18 admissions. They were between 17 and 22 when they began the programme.

17 ans

Average age


Holders of the baccalaureate






Non-French Citizen