École Nationale des Arts du Cirque de Rosny-sous-bois

At ENACR, professional training is part of a circus arts training program. The school’s pedagogical project blends circus techniques and other artistic disciplines. Students are put in a professional situation through the creation and presentation of shows. For this purpose, they participate in one or more projects in collaboration with cultural institutions and/or professional training programs in France and abroad.

The training is open to all without any competitive spirit. Through technical and artistic work, and in a spirit of playful multidisciplinarity, it seeks to contribute to the development of each individual.

Artistic activities and actions that ENACR carries out are carried out in close collaboration with nearby social and educational institutions. These actions aim at developing and promoting knowledge and practice of circus disciplines.

The residency program for artists and performance professionals allows for exchanges and encounters between students and professionals. The school fosters free expression and regularly welcomes artists by offering professionals in the entertainment industry a place for training and rehearsal, depending on availability.

ENACR is a training organization registered under number 11930866393 with the Prefect of Ile de France. This registration does not imply approval.