École Nationale des Arts du Cirque de Rosny-sous-bois

This is under an atypical and unusual village-marquee of 2340 m2 where the ENACR school introduces and train becoming and stage professional children and adults artists to circus arts. Designed by the architects Patrick Bouchain and Loïc Julienne, the tent of the school ENACR was imagined as a big tent/ seven-masts kite which is similar to the body of a dragon.

Ovoidal shape, the marquee of the ENACR is composed of:

The main track of 16m x 14m and peripheral training spaces

A semicircular area equipped with telescopic bleachers that can host from 210 to 630 people depending on the settings.

A rectangular training space equipped with a trampoline and a reception hole.

A second track of 13m in diameter equipped with a dance floor.

A physical training space

Two classrooms

A music classroom

An infirmary

A chill room

A cultural area

That place is designed for meeting the requirements of the teaching of Circus Arts. That place enables people to practic all the circus techniques except for the magic and the animal work and can fulfill all the real stage space functions.

The tent, the classrooms, the offices and the restrooms of the ENACR are available to people with reduced mobility.