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Educational contents

The amateur practice for the children include the motor skills development, the listening development and the concentration development, the familiarization with the dizziness, the risk-taking and the relationship to the other. That learning programme is aimed at all people without competitive spirit to enable the children participating actively in his training and developing better his independence.

The « Baby Cirk »

Sessions are conducted in duet, a child and his relative. Through this workshop, children and their relatives create a complicity by venturing on fun courses around different disciplines and thus learning the circus arts.

4/5 years old:

Sessions take place as a fun course through which children discover sensations related to the practice of circus and have fun: balance, counters in a physical space, suspension…Throughout the year, courses increase in difficulty while respecting the rhythm of each one. Before the Christmas holidays and the last session of the year, the session is open to a relative: a child-relative which enable parents to be faced with the same situations the children are experimenting and creating a complicity between two generations.

From 6/7 years old to 11 years old:

Multidisciplinarity is highlighted. Children discover and develop one of the four big families of circus apparatus to enable them to acquire skills such as dexterity with juggling, la proprioception with acrobatics, the balance either on a ball or on a wire and the apprehension of the height with the air.

From 12 years old:

Teenagers can choose a discipline of their choice among the different air disciplines, the acrobatics and the flying trapeze. If they have a preference, teenagers also can choose a multidisciplinary sessions where they will continue practicing each disciplines.

Registration conditions

Thank you for absolutely respecting the following agenda! No application for registration  before the mentioned dates will be taken into consideration.



« Rosnéens » registration: from June the 12th

« Non Rosnéens » registration: from June the 19th

If the desire course if sold out, you still can register your children on the waiting list via that "lien".

We come back to you if a place becomes available for your children.

Contact : 01 56 63 05 44 / pratiques.loisirs@enacr.com

If your children need a specific support, you can contact Samantha Le Gall, referent handicap samantha.legall@enacr.com.

Registration for Children and teenagers

If one of the desired course is sold out, you can register on the waiting list!

Baby Cirk (Parents/Children) :

10h/11h Sold Out

11 h/12h Sold Out

4/5 years old :

Wednesday and Saturday Sold Out

6/7 years old :

Wednesday and Saturday Sold Out

8/9 years old :

Wednesday Sold Out

Registration on Saturday

10/11 years old : 

Wednesday Sold Out

Registration on Saturday

From 12 years old:

Flying trapeze Wednesday and Thursday Sold Out

Aerial technique Tuesday Sold Out

Multidisciplinary Tuesday Sold Out

You can send an email to pratiques.loisirs@enacr.com to know available places.


Membership in ENACR - 35€

+ Contributions according to the family status

The licence to the French Federation of Circus Schools is included

Baby Cirk

Rosnéens / Non-taxable - 122€

Rosnéens / taxable - 153€

No-Rosnéens / Non-taxable - 153€

No-Rosnéens / taxable - 196€

Courses 4 ou 5 years old

Rosnéens / Non-taxable - 122€

Rosnéens / taxable - 153€

No-Rosnéens / Non-taxable - 153€

No-Rosnéens / taxable - 196€

Courses 6, 7 , 8 ou 9 years old

Rosnéens / Non-taxable - 145€

Rosnéens / taxable - 185€

No-Rosnéens / Non-taxable - 185€

No-Rosnéens / taxable - 239€

Courses 10/11 years old 

Rosnéens / Non-taxable - 167€

Rosnéens / taxable - 217€

No-Rosnéens / Non-taxable - 217€

No-Rosnéens / taxable - 282€

Teenagers course

1 course / week

Rosnéens / Non-taxable - 167€

Rosnéens / taxable - 217€

Non-Rosnéens / Non-taxable - 217€

Non-Rosnéens / taxable - 282€

2 courses / week

Rosnéens / Non-taxable - 214€

Rosnéens / taxable - 278€

Non-Rosnéens / Non-taxable - 278€

Non-Rosnéens / taxable - 365€

Star Class

Rosnéens / Non-taxable - 361€

Rosnéens / taxable - 474€

Non-Rosnéens / Non-taxable - 474€

Non-Rosnéens / taxable - 546€

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