École Nationale des Arts du Cirque de Rosny-sous-bois

The Star Class is a group consists of young people who show particular and physical skills and a motivation for the creation and the collective. Thanks to a 4h30 teaching per week, thanks to numerous internships and many public presentations, they acquire a technical and artistic expertise so that they can put at the service their creativity, in collective, in trio, in duet or alone !

For the Star Class, the main goal is to participate to the Rencontres Régionales des écoles de cirque d’Île de France. That important event is an exceptional occasion to share the circus arts with circus player of the region. That event gather 150 teenagers from all walks of life.

That is also a discover and share moment where each school offers its expertise through practical sessions. Finally, numerous shows are introduced. The different shows chosen will have the opportunity to participate to the national stage during the festival CIRCa in the city of Auch.

Other times of public introduction are in the agenda of the Star Class: during the Associations forum in September and during the end-year show in the first part of the adult amateur show

Teenagers from the Star Class benefit from technical and artistic trainings according to the following agenda:

- From September until Christmas holidays, the two hours of Monday are dedicated to the dance and movement teaching.The collective and technical work with the speciality occurs on Friday: 1h45 of collective work, mainly in acrobatics then 45 min of individual work.

-From January until the Regional Meeting, the specialities are repeated on Monday with the referent teachers and with the invited teachers too according to the chosen specialities. On Friday, there is a work and a collective time around the development of the show for the meeting.

- Between the regional meeting and the end of the year, the two sessions per week will enable people to start the work for the end-year show while continuing the technical work.

Outside the weekly classes, the ENACR school strongly recommends to the teenagers from the Star Class to participate to the events which are organized during the school holidays to complete or improve their technical skills.There are three internships which match with the followings specialities: aerials, acrobatics and trampoline. There is a last other internship in immersion with the professional training of the ENACR school. It is also possible to participate to a circus colony that is organized during August with the ENACR school.


Monday- 6h15 PM- 8h15 PM


Friday- 6h15 PM-8h45 PM


The registration in Star Class is made after a meeting between the different teachers of the amateur practice, at the request of the student for those registered in the ENACR school, on video or during a meeting for people who are not registered in the ENACR.

Teachers can also offer a place for someone they spotted/

Teenagers only who have 12 years old over at the first days of All Saints' Holidays in n+1 can also get a place in the Star Class.

The ENACR reserves the right to not renew the registration of a Star Class student in case of missing assiduity or missing investment in the collective project.

Application form on request after validation of the entrance in the Star Class by the teachers to the following address: sylvain.laurent@enacr.com


ENACR membership- 35€ + Licence of the French Federation of Circus Schools+ Contribution according to the family status

Rosnéens / Non-taxable - 361€

Rosnéens / taxable - 474€

Non-Rosnéens / Non-taxable - 474€

Non-Rosnéens / Imposables - 546€