École Nationale des Arts du Cirque de Rosny-sous-bois

Support the ENACR school! Pour us the apprenticeship tax

This tax takes part in the funding of the spendings required for the development of the learning and technological and professional teaching

The 2020 French reform enables the companies to choose the structure who is going to receive part of your apprenticeship tax.

Why choosing the ENACR?

The ENACR school is training future and professional circus arts people. The school is preparing the students for the universities competitions.

The educational project of the ENACR school is based on the encounter of the circus techniques and the other artistic disciplines.

During their course, the students are put in professional situation through the creation and the diffusion of artistic shows and participate to many projects with the collaboration of cultural structures and/or professional trainings in France and abroad.

But the ENACR school is also offering a training for amateur people.

The amateur training is for all people without competitive spirit and that training aim is to contribute to the blossoming of everyone.

By paying the apprenticeship tax, you can contribute to develop that trainings and ensure the development of the future circus arts professionals!

Contact : fabienne.tissier@enacr.com  01 56 63 05 45

They supported us in 2021:

  • Cabinet Hugon
  • HiPP France
  • In Extenso
  • IN-NOV
  • Abaca Press
  • Warden
  • Atelier du Plateau
  • Les bleus de travail
  • La dalle aux champs
  • Le 104
  • Studio des variétés
  • Decor Plus
  • Cirque Plume

The ENACR wants to thanks all its contributors for its support and its trust.